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Thu Oct 11 11:05:17 EDT 2007

On 10/11/07, Martin Ahnelöv <operagasten at gmail.com> wrote:

I think you have to wrap it in a while-statement:

Yes, you can and that's a good technique, but you need a shred that runs at
the same timing as your looped sample. If you have one of of those then you
are in business, if not you need to make one and control the duration from
outside of it, possibly with the need for resetting it all if it's a
rhythmic loop. At that stage I think LiSa is far more convenient.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of LiSa in general :¬)

Though, a .loop(true/false) would be cool.

>From memory; it has one but it will always loop at the exact length of the
loaded file so that requires more planning ahead then LiSa does.

On the other hand; if you do load a file using SndBuf you can get the amount
of samples it has from the buf as soon as it's loaded and that's very
convenient if you have -say- a breakbeat loop and you'd like shreds to have
the exact period of the drum loop (try that in Ableton!).

If LiSa does "learn how to read", I'd like that functionality in LiSa as
well. I think that at that point SndBuf would become a bit dated but that's
what progress does....

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