[chuck-users] SndBuf: setting loop

dan trueman dtrueman at Princeton.EDU
Sat Oct 13 01:45:05 EDT 2007

look for this in the next release:

SndBuf buf;
LiSa lisa => dac;

//change this path to your own sample
"/Users/dan/Files/Chuck/LiSa_examples/TomVega.wav" => buf.read;

//set lisa buffer size to sample size
buf.samples() * 1::samp => lisa.duration;

//transfer values from SndBuf to LiSa
for ( 0 => int i; i < buf.samples(); i++ ) {

	//args are sample value and sample position (dur)
	lisa.valueAt(buf.valueAt(i), i * 1::samp);

//party on...
1  => lisa.play;
2. => lisa.rate;

//hang on until it's done...
lisa.duration() * 0.5 => now;


On Oct 11, 2007, at 12:27 PM, Kassen wrote:

> On 10/11/07, Daniel Trueman <dtrueman at princeton.edu> wrote:
> i believe that SndBuf has a valueAt() method, which you can get  
> values with, so all LiSa would need is a similar valueAt() call to  
> set values with and we could automatically load sounds into LiSa  
> without passing time. i'll take a look at this soon; should be easy  
> (whereas loading soundfiles directly into LiSa won't be so easy).
> That would be nice! Especially with a get method for the same. That  
> would be equivalent to my idea of overloading SndBuf.read() to  
> accept arrays of floats to be assigned to it instead of pre- 
> recorded samples.
> Great idea.
> Kas.
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