[chuck-users] SndBuf: setting loop

Daniel L Trueman (dtrueman@Princeton.EDU) dtrueman at Princeton.EDU
Sat Oct 13 08:58:19 EDT 2007

> Yes, it's unavoidable that things like this will lead to questions, 
> butquestions are good. Let's be happy so many aspects of ChucK are so
> questionable! ;¬)

and occasionally upchuckable!

> Seems like a sub-section of "cross-chucking" in 
> some way
> as well. Might be functionality we should have, funny how it only 
> comes up
> now in this way.

jah, it's interesting i agree, and would be nice to be able to do. it might also cause great internal chuck misery for Ge to 
implement! i'm sure he'll let us know....

> would mean in the case of writing single values and it gets more
> complicated;
> buf.valueAt(i) +=> lisa.valueAt( i::samp);

that's pretty cool.... 

> That doesn't sound unreasonable to me either (basically it's a sort of
> mixing over-dub). Perhaps we should simply round to the nearest 
> integersample so people who have their own opinion on what 
> interpolated writes mean
> in this context can implement that themselves in ChucK?

i think for now that's the way it'll have to be, but there is at least a basic linear interpolation (or exterpolation) i could add for 
the writing function that wouldn't be hard. hopefully before the next release....


> Yours,
> Kas.

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