[chuck-users] classes / bpm?

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 11:04:28 EDT 2007

I have two questions for the ChucK group -

1) regarding the midisender.ck file located at:


how do I use this in ChucK?  I'm assuming that I need to drop it
somewhere so it can be called by ChucK.  I use ChucK on both Windows
and Linux.

2) I need to be able to figure out how to handle time-based stuff
using bpm.  for example, if I have a song that is 80 bpm, how do I
send quarter notes at that tempo?  I've done some research on the
'net, and it seems that figuring this out is harder than I think it
should be.  considering I'm a math idiot, can someone give me some
simple(r) way to do this?

Josh Lawrence

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