[chuck-users] stupid n00bie question: Part III

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 11:19:01 EDT 2007

On 10/16/07, AlgoMantra <algomantra at gmail.com> wrote:

Kassen...I had to install the latest version to find that tracking
> example.

The example should be in already, I think. wasn't announced that loudly, it's mainly a small update to correct
some rather odd behaviour in Envelope.

I'd say that upgrading can't hurt, except that this is ChucK and there is
every chance that it *can* hurt :¬), for one thing I wrote a fix for the
Envelope and I don't even speak C++.....

I never realised when that came up! Your various points are very insightful,
> but obviously I tried the simplest looking option - the last. I just had
> to add a line to
> make it work:
> <<< Tracking.the_freq >>>;
> I am presuming this would be the frequency in Hertz?

Yeah, I thinks so, it seems to be used that way (I'm still very new to the
FFT game).

The mic seems quite sensitive, I get a
> reading of around 64.6 from the ambient noise, mostly traffic from the
> nearby road. Hmm....

Yes, that's likely caused by the room/mic/amp/ADC combination having a
higher noise floor then your least significant bit. That's entirely normal,
I don't think I've ever seen a system where that wasn't the case.

What you can do is disregard peaks that are below a certain minimum
amplitude or you could make the whole analysis thing stop running (and save
cpu) as long as the signal is below a certain amplitude.... or you can set
up a noise gate, doesn't Dyno have a expander option?

> Yesterday afternoon I was just sitting at my new office/studio, and in my
> head battling
> out Chuck versus PD, both of which I know very little. I was wondering
> which one to
> invest time with to get fast results for my current experiment. Then from
> the balcony
> sauntered in the sound of three kids playing cricket....the fat kid was
> scolding one
> of the skinny boys.....
> "You're chucking!"
> "No chucking!"
> "That was a Chuck!"
> For a moment, I thought it was an Omen.
> (PS: In cricket, "chucking" is when you do not complete the circular
> follow-through
> action while bowling, or bend your elbow weirdly.  Its a form of
> cheating.)


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