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AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 04:40:22 EDT 2007

Dear Chuck3rz,

Over the short period that I have been learning ChucK, I have
been very appreciative of the support from this list, especially
the open and sharing attitude of Kassen the Benevolent. I believe
I will continue needing your help, but in the meantime I would be
even happier if I could reciprocate these huge favors. Knowledge
shared is knowledge gained, huh?

I have been coding only for a short while (7 months) but I have a
fairly broad range of interests - algorithms, generative
startegies, AI, and mythology to name a few. I am constantly
expanding my skills, though. While learning ChucK, I am keeping
a private diary that might serve as a handy tutorial for future users.

However, technically speaking, I can only say that I am well
acquainted with the programming of Nokia S60 smartphones
using Python. Just to give you an indication of the power
these tiny instruments wield, the Nokia 5500 Sport has an
accelerometer embedded, which can be hacked to be used
 as a musical interface, in a similar way I see you treating
the Wiimote. The other hackable sensory organs include
the cameras (two in the N70, back and front), GPS (N95),
audio channels, SMS, cell tower IDs, Bluetooth, GPRS
internet, and dialing programs.

It is fairly simple ( I have the code) to convert your N70 into
a Bluetooth remote for DJing, live composition etc. It is not
too difficult to use the 5500 as a motion detecting joystick
for live performance. The possibilities are many:

Phone Motion>Bluetooth>ChucK + GUI

In fact, I have motion detection happening on the phone via the
camera(s), but the CPU is far too slow for any real application.
You can play Pong with a couple of chopsticks, though. The
platform is slowly opening up with deeper access to Symbian.

So in case any of you find yourselves interested in the interface
model outlined above, I'll gladly share what I know. FYI.

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