[chuck-users] wavetable synthesis

dan trueman dtrueman at Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 22 07:41:48 EDT 2007

> It's not yet 100% clear to me how this will interact with using  
> multiple voices... Each voice will/can have it's own loop setting  
> and track will determine playback within those loops, right? And  
> clearly everything shares the same tracking signal? So this will  
> result in a sort of "unison sample playback" for lack of a better  
> word?

well, that *would* be a cool way to do it! at the moment, it only  
works with one voice (assuming the settings of voice 0) when  
1=>track, but i'll look at it some more and see if we can do what you  
suggest. should be possible. good idea!

but, you can already play with the current implementation; should be  
in the release that is out there.

in the next release there will also be a 2=>track mode, where it  
interprets the input as a duration value (or literal time point)  
within the buffer. this will obviously override any individual voice  
loop-point settings, so will only make sense with one voice, but it's  
kind of nice to be able to think in terms of time instead of phase  


> This is starting to look like one of those Serge-Modular modules  
> that can do everything.
> Enthousiastically yours,
> Kas.
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