[chuck-users] wavetable synthesis

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Mon Oct 22 07:58:14 EDT 2007

On 10/22/07, dan trueman <dtrueman at princeton.edu> wrote:

well, that *would* be a cool way to do it! at the moment, it only
> works with one voice (assuming the settings of voice 0) when
> 1=>track, but i'll look at it some more and see if we can do what you
> suggest. should be possible. good idea!

Ah, ok, that's clear then.

but, you can already play with the current implementation; should be
> in the release that is out there.

I plan to! I need something to play lead-joypad on Sunday and  this sounds
like just the thing.

in the next release there will also be a 2=>track mode, where it
> interprets the input as a duration value (or literal time point)
> within the buffer. this will obviously override any individual voice
> loop-point settings, so will only make sense with one voice, but it's
> kind of nice to be able to think in terms of time instead of phase
> sometimes.

Right! How about scaling the input signal (-1 to 1, most likely) by
multiplying it by the duration that the loop length is and scale it that
way? We need some way to map values to time. Do I understand correctly that
what we are after here is similar to that mod where you hack CV controll
into a S-612's loop setting sliders?

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