[chuck-users] miniaudicle - DAC

eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 03:56:58 EDT 2007

Hi Kassen,

> That's just plain wrong, the Mini can produce lots of sound.

I am sure it's wrong, that's why I said I was missing something. It's  
too obvious not to work..

> My bet is that something is going wrong with the Mini's settings  
> and connecting to the soundcard and the most likely candidate in my  
> experience is sample-rate. I suggest having a look at the settings  
> menu of the Mini and making sure that what's set conforms to your  
> soundcard.

Ok. I checked the settings, which I didn't do before (stupid, yes I  
know). Now it works, but still something not quite right happened.
First scenario: not working
	 sr=44100, buffer_size=256, soundcard= apple's mic input and apple's  
build-in output.
Second scenario: stopping virtual machine and restarting it worked.
	sr=44100, buffer_size=256, soundcard= apple's build-in input and  
apple's build-in output.
Third scenario: back to first scenario. stop vm and restarting it.  
This time worked ok.



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