[chuck-users] miniaudicle - DAC

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 04:25:16 EDT 2007

eduard aylon  wrote:
> Hi Kassen,
> > That's just plain wrong, the Mini can produce lots of sound.
> I am sure it's wrong, that's why I said I was missing something. It's
> too obvious not to work..

To be perfectly clear; I meant to say it was the Mini that was wrong, not
you. This came out very clumsily due to editing that line in a bit of haste.
I hope this didn't look offensive but upon rereading I have to admit that it
quite likely did. Apologies.

> Ok. I checked the settings, which I didn't do before (stupid, yes I
> know). Now it works, but still something not quite right happened.
> First scenario: not working
>          sr=44100, buffer_size=256, soundcard= apple's mic input and
> apple's
> build-in output.
> Second scenario: stopping virtual machine and restarting it worked.
>         sr=44100, buffer_size=256, soundcard= apple's build-in input and
> apple's build-in output.
> Third scenario: back to first scenario. stop vm and restarting it.
> This time worked ok.

I don't think it was all that stupid to overlook the settings as they are
fairly new and besides, most of the time you don't need to touch them. What
I find more troublesome is that I was suspecting something unusual was going
on like a exotic soundcard or unusual Jack settings (you didn't mention your
OS). Build in Mac cards at settings like that should just work and those
strike me as particularly easy to find default settings for as they are so

Oh, well, it was worth a try to check the settings but that sounds like a
real bug. It's still quite odd that something like this wouldn't surface
sooner, maybe something is unusual after all?

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