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Tue Oct 30 13:29:39 EDT 2007


> No, I don't think you're just whining! Right now, chuck is built around
> the idea of having multiple programs synced together in time. It would
> be awesome if you could share more things between the programs. Public
> ugens, public variables, public events, and - as you said - busses.

Exactly. Public events for straightforward sequencing (in any sense of the
word) would be great as well. We do have public classes and they are great
for what they do but I dislike them for impulsive sessions as you only get
to define them once so you can't extend them.

Because the DAC already also works as a internal bus, in a way (dac => LiSa
l => dac; //is fine) I imagine adding something called "bus" that operates
exactly like a dac aside from not sending data to the soundcard should be a
more or less straightforward addition. The one issue (difference) I see
right now is that for the DAC we need to set the max amount of channels at
startup but that might mainly be a matter of communicating with the

If we would have public Ugens the whole issue would become moot as you could
simply go;

public Gain bus1 => blackhole;

But I wonder how hard that would be to implement. If it were easy we
probably wouldn't have the current situation with static members of public

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