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eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 19:32:40 EDT 2007

Hello Gasten,

if the one on the wiki is the one I did some time ago, it does differ  
in a few things. Namely:
1. Standardization of UGen names. This is, old UGen names shouldn't  
be highlighted. So sinosc should not be highlighted but SinOsc.  
However, I found out today that that's not the case. I have to look  
into it again cause I may have touched something I didn't want to.
2. coloring is enabled for the newer UGens (analysis UGens and  
features, windowing, GenX and others)
3. time units are also colored (thus: samp, day, ms, etc and also  
1::samp, 2::samp, etc.)
4. @ => and  =^
5. complex and polar numbers, thus #(1,2) and %(3, 4) should be  
highlighted altogether.
6. TODO and FIXME inside comments
7. better coloring for floating point numbers. I believe in the old  
version the dot wasn't highlighted, not sure though cause it's been a  
while I've been adding/changing things.
8. support for constants such as null, NULL

and other minor things I cannot track/remember now.

broken things I found so far: will try to fix them as soon as possible

1. \t \n are not colored when inside a string.
2. ugen names. Seems that I have disabled differentiation between  
upper case and lower case.

Please, try it out and let me know if you find other broken features.  
And also if you have any wishes or ideas on where to improve it.

By the way, looking at all the keywords that appear in the manual I  
found one I don't know what it is used for. This is, pure. Does  
anyone know what it is useful for?


On Oct 30, 2007, at 3:59 PM, Martin Ahnelöv wrote:

> tis 2007-10-30 klockan 09:07 +0100 skrev eduard aylon:
>> Hello list,
>> here's the new ck.vim for syntax coloring that I use and hope it is
>> useful to others. Let me know if you think more features should be
>> added or changed. I am not a vim expert, but I'll try my best. If vim
>> users think it is good enough I will put it on the wiki.
>> Eduard
> How does it differ from the one I've been keeping up to date that's on
> the wiki? I can see that's smaller. does it do the same thing?
> http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/Ck.vim
> Gasten
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