[chuck-users] newbie questions

robin.escalation robin.escalation at acm.org
Sat Sep 1 15:44:08 EDT 2007

Do I downloaded the new ASIO patch to version and everything
worked perfectly in Windows XP feeding an RME Fireface. Congrats to
all for making this such an exciting application!

I look forward to live coding experiments using miniAudicle but have
a couple of questions of a newbie nature.

As I add shreds to the VM the output overloads. Is there an easy way
of tweaking the master out all at once, without individually editing
each shred file? Better yet, is there a way of making the shreds
"output-sensitive" so they adjust automatically using some standard
audio amplitude summing law?

Killing a shred happens abruptly and not always too musically. How
can this be done for nicer sonic output in performance?

These two questions lead me to wonder if there is any way of exposing
the implicit mixer prior to the DAC, so that levels and mutes on each
channel/shred could be controlled.

A further usability issue was revealed when I tried to use a patch
from the examples folder that required sound files. These were
referred to by relative pathing, but this only works if the script is
run in its own folder. It appears there is no way to programmatically
specify the root folder. So how does one integrate patches like this
into a miniAudicle session?

Thanks for your help with these very practical issues. I will be
writing an article soon on ChucK for my blog diagrammes modernes, so
will incorporate any tips.

Robin Parmar

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