[chuck-users] newbie questions

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 1 18:03:16 EDT 2007


Welcome Robin! You have asked a question that has been at the back of my
mind for a long time. Thanks!

>Sure! Just create a simple file that just holds a line like this;
>.8 => dac.gain;
>This will affect the dac's gain, no surprise there, but as the dac is 
>shared by all shreds this work more or less like a master fader. Replace 
>the .8 by any number between 0 and 1, depending on how severe the clipping 
>is, turn it down further if clipping re-occurs.
fadeout.ck exists I think. You can fadeout all of chuck with this method
but it isn't great for smoothly dumping one shred while keeping the
others active.

>     These two questions lead me to wonder if there is any way of exposing
>     the implicit mixer prior to the DAC, so that levels and mutes on each
>     channel/shred could be controlled.
>What you could do is supply each shred with a envelope before the dac and 
>have that one ramp down before making the shred itself exit, based on some 

I like this suggestion. I would love to have some boilerplate code so
that you could work with shreds in a kind of mixing environment where
each shred had it's own volume control that could be *easily* (not
necessarily simply) accessed from another place. I have used OSC in the
past but I would love to see some other suggestions, possibly using
command line arguments. This is a worthy tutorial for the manual ;)
Anyone got something working?


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