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On 9/2/07, Adam Tindale <adamtindale at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I like this suggestion. I would love to have some boilerplate code so
> that you could work with shreds in a kind of mixing environment where
> each shred had it's own volume control that could be *easily* (not
> necessarily simply) accessed from another place. I have used OSC in the
> past but I would love to see some other suggestions, possibly using
> command line arguments. This is a worthy tutorial for the manual ;)
> Anyone got something working?

Well, if it's ableton-like behaviour using files in the style of the OTF
examples that you are after I might have a idea. It would go like this;

You make your patch like normal except inbetween the dac and the rest you
put a Envelope. Once the shred starts this envelope starts ramping up over
some apropriate amount of time, say one bar of your piece. You could also
make it wait for the next bar to start before fading.

In addition to whatever else you do you add a shred that listens for one
keyboard (hid) key, take something not normally used like "pause/break".
Once this key gets pressed the script tries to Machine.add() the exact file
you are writing, if unsuccesfull it resumes listening (this likely means a
syntax error), if successfull it will make the same envelope ramp down again
using the same period, then removes the parent shred (effectively killing
itself as well).

This means that now the pause key is more or less turned into the replace
opperator for this shred. The good news is that we now have fades, the bad
is that this will take twice as much cpu for the transition period.

There might be more bad news like unforseen issues... I've had this idea in
the back of my head for quite a while now but never got round to
implementing it.

Perhaps a usefull idea for some people?

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