[chuck-users] electro-music forum login problem

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 14:19:06 EDT 2007

I'm forwarding this to the Forum admins.

I find there is very little double-posting between the forum and the list,
ech has it's own little culture and emphasis even if many people are on
both. To me it seems that the forum is generally a bit more practical in
nature while the topics on the list have a tendency towards the theoretical.
Perhaps most importantly it's looking like the forum is more accesible to
people curious about ChucK.


On 9/2/07, robin.escalation <robin.escalation at acm.org> wrote:
> Sorry for asking this here, but I see no email contact on the forum
> for this problem.
> I tried to register, received no confirmation and cannot log in. I
> should have got an activation email, but did not. No, it's not in my
> spam box and after waiting 2 days I don't think it's in limbo either.
> Clues?
> While I'm asking: Is there much use double-posting to the forum and
> here? Which has the most traffic?
> -- robin
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