[chuck-users] ChucK article(s)

robin.escalation robin.escalation at acm.org
Sun Sep 2 21:00:12 EDT 2007

> One factual note; functions have their own name-space as well.

OK. I am already missing the package / module concept however.

> One opinion; I completely fail to see what's wrong with
> "miniaudicle" as a name.

Well, there's no such thing as an "audicle" so tacking on the prefix
"mini" makes it less than informative as to what it might actually
be. That said I also hate the name "ChucK", especially with that
spelling, but thought it impolite to mention that as well. ;-)

One has to admit that Supercollider is a very cool name!

> One helpfull note; garbage collection is indeed a issue but in most
> cases a
> lot can be done to avoid generating garbage, both Ugens and sporked
> functions can be re-used, etc.

Yes, I saw some code for that somewhere. Though it's nice to have a
workaround, it does make what should be trivial into something less
than trivial.

-- robin

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