[chuck-users] KBHit on a macbook the 2nd !

Luigi Rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Mon Sep 10 15:19:25 EDT 2007

Am 10.09.2007 um 20:53 schrieb Kassen:

Thanks a lot,

thats an easy "workaround"

Idea: there is alittle app called Platypus. It should be possible to  
writte alittle scriptstarter and include the command-line starting  
So doubleclickers should still be able to use KBHIT

I'll try this later..

I like writing e-mails with funny sounds too ;-)

especially the smiley makes a nice sound ;-)

> On 9/10/07, Spencer Salazar <ssalazar at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
>  Ideally, the console monitor in miniAudicle could send
> keystrokes to KBHit, but this hasn't been implemented yet.
> The main strength of this would be that in this case one could make  
> sure that actions like typing a email or editing a softsynth while  
> the the Mini is listening for events don't accidentally affect the  
> Mini (I myself tend to find this amusing  and to result in "happy  
> accidents" but I could imagine it being unwanted).
> So, if we know this and know the HID approach is more powerful  
> another take on this matter might be something like this;
> Machine.hasFocus(int) //returns 1 is the mini/Audicle/console  
> window has the OS focus, 0 otherwise
> This would allow programmers to use the more powerful  
> implementation while having the option to use the KBHit style  
> behaviour, even on a per-device basis. Sadly this feature would  
> require a different implementation for our three platforms which  
> could be a drawback but aside from that it seems win/win.
> Luigi; I would have loved to help you but feel unqualified to talk  
> about such details of OSX behaviour because iI don't have a OSX  
> install. KBHit seems to me like a prime canidate for system  
> dependant behaviour.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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