[chuck-users] some chuckian announcements

Ge G. Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Sep 13 03:16:34 EDT 2007

Dear ChucKian community members,

Quick announcements: I am being officially chucked/upchucked to the left 
coast of the U.S., where I begin my appointment at Stanford/CCRMA as 
Assistant Professor (PhD pending).  Super stoked about this, and also 
super sad to leave Princeton - though in many ways, I don't think I am 
ever really leaving (the currently unfinished chuckian dissertation is but 
one testament to this - sorry Perry, I promise it'll be done soon!).

ChucKian research, development, and melting of CPU's will continue in full 
and more, now at Stanford and Princeton and elsewhere, and with the full 
chuck team and new researchers too. The authoritative (and ever-changing) 
TODO list shall continue to be implemented, Rebecca and I will continue to 
explore the upchuck and much more, crazy new things will be 
investigated/realized/maybe even documented, and we all shall endeavor to 
make the future of chuck/audio programming more fun and less not-fun. 
Also, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra is undergoing some sort of related 
mitosis, for I am also to initiate a laptop orchestra at Stanford - 
perhaps further fulfilling the Manifest Destiny of PLOrk, first envisioned 
by Dan and Perry, and which we've set in motion in the last two insane 
years:  "a laptop orchestra on every coast (and in between and beyond), 
running ChucKian software"  uh... I made up that last part (but it's a 
thought, I guess).

I want to take this opportunity (and also on behalf of the chuck team) to 
give thanks to *you* and to this our little chuck family, for the 
adventure and invaluable support thus far.  Here's to more and better 
research / features / bugs / buffer underruns / bus errors / seg faults / 
documentation / etc!

ThanK you, CheeRs, and may we upChucK in peace!


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