[chuck-users] live coding: methods and motivations

robin.escalation robin.escalation at acm.org
Tue Sep 18 09:04:58 EDT 2007

Like a previous writer, I am interested in how ChucK can be used for
"live coding". From my limited explorations I have discovered some of
the same limitations, but in this thread would prefer to ask "How do
you  use ChucK for live coding?" And: "What techniques are there to
facilitate the process?"

Further: "How has ChucK informed your practice? What attributes of
the language and environment have changed your sound production?"

Maybe there are already some articles on this I can be pointed to.

While we're on the topic, the term "live coding" seems deficient to
me, because it totally fails to mention the sound. None of the common
alternatives remedy this fundamental (music pun) problem.

-- robin

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