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On 9/18/07, AlgoMantra <algomantra at gmail.com> wrote: 


		You can't take it on a mobile-phone, at least not yet that I know off. 

	Hey Kassen, I did mention at the livecode list that I am interested in using
	mobile phones as controllers for all sorts of things - especially audio synthesis. 
	However, I never expected to load Chuck onto a phone! 

		Yes, but we can dream about the future! As I understand the way GSM works mobile phones *need* to be capable of DSP at rather high frequencies because otherwise they couldn't encode your calls to whatever frequency GSM works at. I just looked it up and those GSM bands are slightly below and in the GHz range so whatever is doing that must be quite a amusing little chip, maybe that one isn't open for abuse. 

No significant data processing takes place at 450-900-1800 MHz rates; it's only radio modulation and demodulation of digital signals, which takes place in separate high-frequency hardware components, and obviously reconfiguring the radio to do something else is a bad idea if one wants to receive calls.
There is a lot of DSP going on in a cellphone, but at modest audio rates and with very specific needs: predictive speech coding according to the standard, probably equalization, sometimes recognizing vocal commands. This hardware isn't going to be made general purpose and vaguely accessible to the user until there is some established API for DSP and applications that want it.
Even mixing multiple sound sources is advanced functionality: it requires much less effort than playing MP3 or MIDI ringtones, but it isn't something the phone needs for its own uses.  

Lorenzo Gatti

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