[chuck-users] Some recent thoughts

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Sep 20 16:54:30 EDT 2007

Stephen Sinclair wrote:
> I think a really nice use of serializable objects would be to take
> care of a complaint in that previous thread about live coding...
> you've written a routine to randomly generate a nice melody (based on
> a severely complicated algorithm of course), but when you decide to
> modify something, oops you've lost it because you have to restart.
> So a nice feature might be to allow saving an object to a file.  Next
> time around, the code could attempt to load the object from disk.  If
> successful, go nuts with it, but on failure, generate a random melody
> and save the object to disk...
> (Of course this brings up all sorts of real-time issues.  I guess
> saving & loading would have to be done asynchronously somehow, but I
> think a bit of buffering could take care of that.)

I haven't looked closely enough at ChucK's architecture to know whether 
ChucK does so or not, but most audio software has a real-time audio 
thread and a "GUI" thread, where the GUI thread is pretty much 
everything else.

On a related note, I started looking at the code today and there's 
already a shell of an I/O implementation with support for the most basic 
types.  I started messing with it and then realized that I should be 
working on my set for Saturday, but I may play with it Sunday afternoon.


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