[chuck-users] scott may have found a spork bug

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Sep 21 08:29:03 EDT 2007

Spencer Salazar wrote:

> Scott, maybe sticking a me.yield() after spork ~ node.item.set 
> (value); would make things work a little better.

Yes, that does make it work.

> Although, unless  
> you are trying specifically to control shred execution order, I don't  
> actually see the utility of spork in this particular case, as the set 
> () function doesn't allow time to pass.

Well, it doesn't advance time in the base class, but it does in non-toy 
specializations.  In real usage, I mostly use that class to map buttons 
to fade in/outs or to modulate parameters.  (Or another interesting one 
-- a control smoother, which doesn't allow the control to change more 
than a certain threshhold over a certain time and then catches up to the 
end value.)  With the current code I wasn't able to control more than 
one (time-advancing) thing at a time.


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