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Sat Apr 12 07:16:34 EDT 2008

On 12/04/2008, mike clemow <gelfmuse at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have one of those tilt-sensing joysticks...  honestly, they're
> pretty bad.  I've had a lot more luck building out my own hardware
> with an arduino and a proper accelerometer.  it's a tad more pricey
> than the cheap joysticks, but you have the added benefit of reusing
> the parts to build all kinds of interfaces to chuck.  I also have some
> Python code that reads from the serial bus and sends out OSC messages
> to chuck (or anything, really).  Plus hardware hacking is so fun...

Yeah, the "real" ones are much better and the Arduino is appealing. I'll
probably get into it later this year, I can get a Arduino through the
group-discount of a friend of mine who's studying arts&technology so that's
too good to pass up. I hope we'll get a serial interface in ChucK anyway
because I want to use it to add leds to my sequencing joystick.

Still, there are reasons for using ready-made joypads. I'm 30 and like many
in my generation I grew up gaming, starting with the Nintendo 8bit and never
saw a reason to give it up. So; I'm very familiar with joypads and being
intimately familiar with the exact layout of your instrument is a huge
advantage. I mean... if you look at how many hours a concert musician has to
spend with his instrument, then compare that to how many hours many of us
have spend with joypads&sticks.... It also means I can confidently promise
my band-mate I'll have my "lead-joypad" instrument done in less then a week,
there's something to be said for that. :¬).

I may get back to you on your generous offer but for now I'm quite happy
with my little interpolation optimisation trick. Last night I found that
optimisation in this stuff can make a huge difference; for example the
joy-fm example that comes with ChucK draws a LOT of cpu when you start
moving the sticks a lot. HID can generate a lot of data once you get into
moving the axis about and optimisation means the buffer and so the latency
can go down. That's a big deal to me.

Also; Algromanta; if I were you I'd just buy a ready-made sensor. They are
expensive as far as sensors go but here it would save a lot of time.

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