[chuck-users] Guitar HID

Inventor-66 at comcast.net Inventor-66 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 20 06:30:53 EDT 2008

> Although it is possible to use OSC to get at a Bluetooth HID sensor, that sounds a bit over my head and would require a lot of effort and knowledge.  It would be simpler to build a custom USB accelerometer using the Ultimark A-PAC Version 2 USB interface and one or two ADXL330Z accelerometers, on breakout boards from SparkFun Electronics.

Actually, I tried sending Midi from Osculator (osculator.net) once (using my wiimote to control the pitch of a Nord Modular), and that wasn't very hard at all. For me at least, it is several orders of magnitude easier than the hardware stuff you suggest :) And since the site says Osculator supports OSC forwarding (gotta try that out later), and receiving OSC messages in ChucK is a breeze, that should be worth checking out. That is, if you use a Mac :/


HaHa, I guess we're different animals, Stefan, as a hardware approach seems easier to me.  I did get some excellent help from some folks on the forum and tried to compile a program to do this, but it wouldn't compile.  Apparently I need dependency files, sigh.  Then I started realizing what I really should have realized first, which is that the code is for Linux only and I'm on a Mac, plus none of my machines even have a Bluetooth interface!  So the Wiimote is not a solution for me just yet.  It looks like USB is going to be best for my situation.  

Also one nice thing about the whole project is that it's by no means a one-shot deal.  I'll likely end up with several HID products before I'm done.  I started getting a little stressed out about choosing the right sensor, but when I realized that it will be a journey and a process rather than a decision, I felt a lot more relaxed about it.  So I'm jumping on the HID bandwagon, albeit ever so slowly.  


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