[chuck-users] Bluetooth and Wiimote: a long-term feature request

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Mon Apr 21 09:37:16 EDT 2008

Yeah me too. It would be interesting to see how you calculate orientation by
using two accelerometers as well. Having messed around a little bit (but not
that much) with accelerometers, I get the feeling that you would need some
kind of gyroscope to make this work perfectly. For instance, how do you
differ the case when you're holding the item upside down, from the case
where you're pushing the item towards the floor at twice the acceleration of
gravity (1G - 2G = -1G)? OK a gyroscope might not solve that either :/


On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 3:13 PM, Luigi Rensinghoff <
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> Back to the old thread..
> I would be interested in a more precise description of that simple trick
> actually...
> or is there a paper or some reading ???
> How do you calculate the exact x-y-z position from that ??
> Thanks
> Luigi
> Am 17.04.2008 um 22:52 schrieb Inventor-66 at comcast.net:
> Normally one would use two 3-axis accelerometers and some signal
> processing to get a full 6-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) tracker, but there is a
> simple trick that uses only one.  What you do is you obtain pitch, roll,
> and yaw from the gravity vector, or low-pass-filtered component, and the X,
> Y, and Z from the dynamic acceleration, or high-pass-filtered component.  It
> isn't perfect but it does save you a sensor
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