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mike clemow gelfmuse at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 16:28:37 EDT 2008

Chiming in a bit late here...

Count me as +1 in the "swell."  ;-)  I *heart* MAUI as well.  But I
also wanted to ask the crowd here what they think about the idea of
utilizing/accepting influence from some of the very-accessible
graphics platforms out there.  There's SwingOSC, Processing,
OpenFrameworks, the ixi-software.net people have Mirra...  all of
which are cross-platform.

I think that an OSC-based communication for GUI elements would be
great.  OSC, as pervasive as it is, is in my opinion an under-utilized
protocol.  MAUI is awesome and convenient, because it's still in the
miniAudicle environment, I still usually just use it for debugging.  I
think that I would rather see a set of GUI-specific OSC objects that
can be manipulated with whatever visual front-end you want to use.
For anything more complex than the normal slider, knob, led, metaphor,
I find myself rolling my own anyway.

If the GUI API could be decoupled from the environment, OSC-based, and
graphics-platform agnostic (and miniAudicle could easily have it's own
in-environment 2D implementation), then I think we'd really be onto


On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 5:47 PM, pibsid at suomi24.fi <pibsid at suomi24.fi> wrote:
> Yes! Spencer your the man.
>  Can't wait until I get my hands on that MAUI power to create the
>  ultimate tetris clone for ChucK.
>  Port to Linux first please ;)
>  -Pyry Pakkanen
>  >Spencer Salazar wrote:
>  >As to porting MAUI to Windows and Linux, it seems clear that my
>  >physical departure from the Princeton Soundlab has tempered my
>  >miniAudicle-hacking vigor.  However, given the current "swell" of
> >interest (4 people counts as a swell for miniAudicle) in porting
>  >to other platforms, I think I can get back in the game and have
>  some
> >results in the next few weeks.  There should be something in CVS to
>  >start playing with sooner--the basic structure of MAUI for Windows/
>  >Linux is implemented, its mostly a matter of filling in blanks and
>  >testing.
>  >
>  >spencer
>  >
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