[chuck-users] Processing --> ChucK, was: MAUI for PC/Linux

mike clemow gelfmuse at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 20:59:33 EDT 2008

Hi Michael,

I find that the best way to connect Processing to Chuck is using the
oscP5 library here:  http://www.sojamo.de/libraries/oscP5/

It's a fairly easy to understand implementation of the protocol and
there are a number of examples on that site.  But to that end, there
are OSC implementations in almost every programming language known to
man.  This is the basis of many of my projects right now, actually.
The people at ixi-software.net have an OSC implementation for Python
that is absolutely dead simple to use.  I find this is a great way of
routing OSC messages around and often use Python as the glue for my
networked music-making projects.

I'll have to elaborate a little later as I'm awash in finals right now.  :)


On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 4:40 PM, Michael Heuer <heuermh at gmail.com> wrote:
> mike clemow wrote:
>  > ...
>  > When I run a UI I made in Processing to control Chuck, Chuck doesn't even have to be
>  > running on the same machine, since all the control messages are sent via UPD as OSC
>  > messages.
>  Processing --> Chuck?  Very cool.
>  I would be very interested to see what you have done from the
>  Processing side.  I have a lot of libraries in java for e.g. genetic
>  algorithms, neural networks, etc. that I would love to drive ChucK
>  with but hadn't found a good mechanism to do so.  I had been going
>  about the re-write the java libraries in ChucK syntax task but without
>  namespaces and resizeable arrays that is becoming tiresome.
>    michael
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