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Mon Aug 4 04:56:26 EDT 2008

2008/8/4 Ge Wang <ge at ccrma.stanford.edu>

> Greetings all,

Hey, Ge!

> Please feel free to write me, or continue this discussion on [chuck-users]
and/or the forum.

Cool, I will :¬)

The "ChucK => MIR programming" workshop at the upcoming
> ISMIR already has 40 registrants;  The user base seems to be growing
> steadily.

Sounds great! Will more info on this "MIR" concept be available for the
geographically challenged as well? I'm becoming really interested in
analysis of incoming signals (not just audio but also patterns and
structures in other forms of realtime input like HID) but this is hard stuff
and any help would -well- help. :¬)

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