[chuck-users] Asio build (please?)

Piero B. Contezini piero.contezini at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 05:52:38 EDT 2008

The lastest version support asio or what you want is someone to code  
support for it?
If you just want to build a version that already has support, it is  
quite easy!
I dont have a windows box but perhaps i can build on my virtual machine.

arm-darwin-iphone(1.1.3) @ piero.contezini.net

On 09/08/2008, at 19:23, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:

> Fellow ChucKists,
> Would there perhaps be somebody who has some experience with  
> building on Windows and who could spare the time to roll me and  
> others like me a ASIO version of the latest& greatest? Perhaps  
> somebody already has?
> I'd like to use the latest version but I'd also like the have decent  
> latency on Windows, judging by the download stats on the forum  
> (where the previous versions were hosted) there is a significant  
> amount of interest in this; the last version (by Moudi) was  
> downloaded 34 times, the version before that (by Philippe) 184  
> times, I'm not sure exactly how many ChucKists there are but I  
> suspect those to be signifficant numbers.
> Eternal gratitude as well as a drink if/when/where we meet shall be  
> yours.
> Cheers,
> Kas.
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