[chuck-users] Asio build (please?)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 06:26:08 EDT 2008

2008/8/10 Piero B. Contezini <piero.contezini at gmail.com>

> The lastest version support asio or what you want is someone to code
> support for it?
> If you just want to build a version that already has support, it is quite
> easy!
> I dont have a windows box but perhaps i can build on my virtual machine.

Well, ChucK uses RTAudio and RTAudio can be switched to talk ASIO instead of
Windows media/ DX/thingy drivers. As I understand it flipping this switch,
then building is quite straightforward. That's what I'd like. This would get
us a "chuck.exe" identical to the latest canonical one except for doing
ASIO. This has worked fine for the past three versions of ChucK but somebody
needs to build one, the official distribution still doesn't.

Here's Philippe's note on  he process from the dev-list;

*BTW, i am running Chuck on Asio since a few days. It's on a Motu 828mkII.
It's quite fast on the real time latency, but a little bit harder on the
cpu. There is no code change for the compile. Just add an Asio folder with
the Asio

The asio files can be downloaded from the rtaudio website:

Please know that I am not sure at all if this create bugs or not, but it's a
start I guess.
files as described on the RTaudio page, add __WINDOWS_ASIO__ to the
preprocessor definition and you are set. *

I would do it myself but my XP install is tweaked so far that I don't dare
install larger MS aplications like their free version of their C++ compiler,
which will in turn need SP2 and heaven knows what.

Actually, I gather the newer versions of RAudio should also support building
applications that could use both types of audio drivers but clearly that
would need some infrastructure to select which one to use.

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