[chuck-users] Asio build (please?)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 08:09:19 EDT 2008


And it worked!
> I managed to build it using the VS2003 environment from the command line.
> Posted on the forum. Let me know if it works.
Yes! bingo!

It runs the otf examples, including the ones that use samples and --probe
gives me all my in and outputs so that means ASIO (ChucK on DX drivers will
only do stereo in&out). Lovely.

I did run into the same issue I had with Moudi's last ASIO build, being that
upon shutdown of the program using ctrl-c it would get stuck at "cleaning
up..." for a few seconds, then display a error. Switching "compatibility
mode" (found in "properties" if you right click on the exe) to "Windows NT
4.0 (service pack 5)" or "Windows 2000" fixes this. That could just be due
to me tweaking, disabling and deleting so much. Perhaps somebody could

Thanks so much!

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