[chuck-users] Asio build (please?)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 10:33:41 EDT 2008


> Hm, maybe it's having trouble shutting down the ASIO audio system?
> I haven't used ASIO much so I might not be much help here.

That could be, that would make sense. Still, that would imply  NT4 and
Win2000 would be dealing with ASIO in some way that's different from XP.
Still in that case I'm wondering why turning compatibility mode on for a
older version would make it work better with XP drivers; EMU doesn't even
claim that my 1616m would work on those OS's at all. Then again EMU also
claims I'd need XP SP2 which I took with a grain of salt as the SP seems to
be about security only and isn't especially reputable for audio performance.

What does strike me is the Philippe's original ASIO build didn't have this
issue. There may be yet another factor involved after all but I don't
considder setting compatibility once to be a great issue. At least I'm once
again on the latest version with low latency.

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