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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 11:15:30 EDT 2008

Dear list,

I'm helping a friend with a project and would like to use ChucK to analyse
some signals. In particular I'd like to calculate the average of a audio
signal over the last n samples (where n is something between say 500 and

The best strategy I can come up with right now is to use Filter and give it
a series of n coefficients that make it add the current input sample, the
last...... the one n-1 samples ago, all at a amplitude of 1/n, and not use
any feedback. This would make Filter do all the work which is good because
typically Perry and Gary write C that's much, much faster then the ChucK I

The bad news is that the docs make it clear that Filter takes a input of
type string but it doesn't tell us how this string is formatted. I'm fine
generating the string I need procedurally but I would need some more
instructions then that it's a string and a rough idea of what's in it.

I'd also like to suggest the doc's would be updated with this because as
they are Filter isn't that practical to use.

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