[chuck-users] Dec10 Steim, Amsterdam (NL), presentation

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 13:49:15 EST 2008

Dear list,

People in The Netherlands may be interested in my presentation at Steim in
Amsterdam on December 10 as part of Steim's "Micro jamboree"


Steim is a organisation that develops, promotes, etc, new interfaces for
electronic music. I'll be talking about my sequencer (for writing house
using a joystick), about ChucK, my perspectives on improvisation and the use
of game devices, illustrating details by improvising some music. There
should be space for debate and questions as well.

Some of the other sessions may be of interest to people on this list as

I gather that these sessions are free though reservations are necessary.
( info here; http://steim.org/jamboree08/?page_id=35 )

In case nobody in NL is around it may at least be good to know that STEIM is
interested in hearing about ChucK. STEIM is a rather unique institute and
I'm very happy the council reversed it's decision and STEIM will continue to
get funding; I'm not aware of any other institute that is exclusively
dedicated to new interfaces for improvised electronic music.

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