[chuck-users] I Put A Physics Engine In Chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 08:23:45 EST 2008


I needed a
> physics engine in chuck, so I put one in there:

Great attitude!

You may be interested in this;

This is a initiative by Steve(Radarsat1) to allow us to create, share and
test user-generated UGen's, to eventually be merged with the main release
if/when some are stable, useful and coherent. This is in a early stage but
it may still be of interest to you.

> http://rafb.net/p/SRbR9A13.html
> That's a sample from my hack in progress.  I just put in Box2D_Lite for
> now to get the idea working, but so far it's pretty nice.
> Right now all I've got is a Physics UGen that lets you put in an
> observer and a sound source, and then set their movement.  It will then
> determine the distance and adjust the gain.  Next up is pan for
> left/right of observer, colliding events, and maybe a doppler effect
> pitch shift based on velocity.

Way cool, is if I understand this correctly what you are aiming at here is a
UGen that models the effect of physics on sounds (so basically acoustics)?
Or will this be a more general thing, for example to use emulations of
physical processes likes mass-spring systems, collisions, etc to generate
controler data as well?

Either way; a lovely initiative, I hope you will develop this further and
keep us up to date.

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