[chuck-users] December 20th, 2008 :: Apero codelab in Nantes

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Wed Dec 17 06:47:25 EST 2008

Hi Chuckers,

If you're interested in having us play audio recordings of your
chuck music, drop us a line at
apero at crealab.info with a link to files we can download, and a second
line mentioning the authors and license of the documents that should
appear. Supported filetypes and codecs: everything but WMV, WMA, Real
and things too proprietary.

You can post links here too!

All the best


===December 20th, 2008 :: APERO CODELAB 01 in Nantes (Fr)===

   * chat, mix & performances
   * free entrance

Saturday December 20th, 2008 from 7:00PM until 11:00PM at the
Canotier, 21 quai de Versailles, in Nantes
contact : +33 (0)2 40 16 86 78 – info at crealab.info

L'apéro Codelab 01 is a meeting dedicated to experiments in the
audio-visual and musical fields which use programming languages or
electronic experimentation, in the spirit of open source.

This meeting is organized and moderated by the members of the Crealab
network <Apo33 /PiNG / Lolab /la Fabrique du Libre /Ecos>. who take the
occasion to invite Emoc, founder of the http://www.codelab.fr forum, a
resource in the french-speaking online
world on the topic experimental practices.


* introduction to codelab.fr, short presentation of books such as
"Making things talk" by Tom igoe, "Computer Music with examples in SuperCollider
3", "Designing sound" by Andy Farnell)  and artworks ("Reflet" by Thomas
Otra, "Topodio", by Dominique Leroy & Jean-François Rolez / la fabrique
du libre)
* Puredata news: the Pdmtl abstractions, Pdpédia is back...
* performances by Wilfried Nail, Gary Glitcher
* mix of images & sounds from the communauty

! open to anyone ! really ! even if you can't blatter in French...

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