[chuck-users] Acoustic Piano Model in Chuck.

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 08:54:33 EST 2008

> Well, when and if somebody has the time; I would definitely appreceate a STK
> "proper" piano in ChucK. The electric ones are fun but no replacement. There
> are some things like quick&dirty tricks with melodies that are just nicer on
> a "real' piano sound.

I'd be pretty happy to turn it into a UGen, seeing as I would like
some experience writing UGens, but I've got a few things on my plate
right now.
Remind me again at the end of the semester.. ;-)

ps., it could probably be optimized a bit, too.
pps., there were a few other nice models on the NeXT machine I ported
this from, such as an electric guitar and a tibetan bell.  It was a
project for Gary Scavone's seminar.  more fun things for later...


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