[chuck-users] Scite script for Chuck

AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 05:07:41 EST 2008


Well, this works but it's not much help since Chuck itself
warns of a syntax error if I throw a badly formatted file
into the VM. This is just giving me the same thing through
Python, which just a more roundabout way of saying the
same thing.

The thing is, I'm just starting to toy with Chuck and I
am not familiar with the syntax of anything but Python.
More specifically, I'm getting a syntax error in the original code
example posted on this page under "using events. Can someone please
tell me what's wrong in that little printer() thingie? -- >


- fadereu / rohit

PS: Sigh, what do you cats use for a Chuck IDE so that
you don't spend days hunting for a missing indent?
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