[chuck-users] Scite script for Chuck

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Feb 8 06:43:53 EST 2008

AlgoMantra wrote:
> The thing is, I'm just starting to toy with Chuck and I
> am not familiar with the syntax of anything but Python.
> More specifically, I'm getting a syntax error in the original code
> example posted on this page under "using events. Can someone please
> tell me what's wrong in that little printer() thingie? -- >

That sample has several errors (incompatible types in assignment, wrong 
order of operands, missing "fun void" in the function declaration).  It 
doubt anyone ever tried to run it.

> PS: Sigh, what do you cats use for a Chuck IDE so that
> you don't spend days hunting for a missing indent?

Python is the only common language that I know of where indentation is 
important to the compiler.  For other languages it's just a convenience 
to make it easier for the programmer to read.  I personally use XEmacs 
with the chuck.el that's been posted here a few times.


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