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AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 06:55:11 EST 2008

> That sample has several errors (incompatible types in assignment, wrong
> order of operands, missing "fun void" in the function declaration).  It
> doubt anyone ever tried to run it.

I win! (I've always had that rare talent to find ditches no one's fallen
through before. )

Python is the only common language that I know of where indentation is
> important to the compiler.  For other languages it's just a convenience
> to make it easier for the programmer to read.  I personally use XEmacs
> with the chuck.el that's been posted here a few times.

Thats very...unfortunate. Some files in my Ubuntu Gutsy dpkg have been
corrupted for
several months now, with no proper solution in sight. Which means I can't
anything (including Xemacs) using 'aptitude' or synaptic.

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