[chuck-users] Scite script for Chuck

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Feb 8 10:17:37 EST 2008

AlgoMantra wrote:
> Thats very...unfortunate. Some files in my Ubuntu Gutsy dpkg have been 
> corrupted for
> several months now, with no proper solution in sight. Which means I 
> can't install
> anything (including Xemacs) using 'aptitude' or synaptic.

Well, I rarely recommend XEmacs to those that aren't already members of 
the cult.  ;-)  Syntax highlighting / indentation for Kate (KDE editor) 
is just XML files, so if somebody wanted to do a syntax file for ChucK 
that would be relatively easy (since most of it could be copied from C++ 
or Java) and I could commit that directly into KDE so that it'd be 
supported in the next release...


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