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AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 11:48:33 EST 2008

> Well, I rarely recommend XEmacs to those that aren't already members of
> the cult.  ;-)  Syntax highlighting / indentation for Kate (KDE editor)
> is just XML files, so if somebody wanted to do a syntax file for ChucK
> that would be relatively easy (since most of it could be copied from C++
> or Java) and I could commit that directly into KDE so that it'd be
> supported in the next release...

Hm, the Gedit editor in Gutsy has syntax highlighting for both Java and C++,
and many other conlangs, and some of it seems friendly to Chuck, but yeah..
I guess I have to find a solution to one problem (dpkg corruption) which
will take of the rest...

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