[chuck-users] ChucK + Summer Workshops

IMTerry januaryzaidenberg at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 14:47:23 EST 2008


I am looking for a sound synthesis/composition
workshop that takes place this up comming summer. 
I read that either or both CCRMA and Princeton have
had a summer workshop that focused on ChucK. 
Does anyone know if this is happening this year?

Also, if anyone knows of any good summer workshops
that use 
ChucK, Max/Msp, Pd, SuperCollider, Reaktor or Kyma 
(did I miss any : P ) in their curriculum, or just
provide a good educational experience in Computer
Music I'd like to hear about those as well. I am
looking for a program in The States, Europe, or Canada
that is open to undergraduates.

Thanks in advance everyone and keep up the good work.
ChucK Rules!

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