[chuck-users] ChucK + Summer Workshops

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Feb 11 17:03:24 EST 2008


> I am looking for a sound synthesis/composition
> workshop that takes place this up comming summer.
> I read that either or both CCRMA and Princeton have
> had a summer workshop that focused on ChucK.
> Does anyone know if this is happening this year?

In terms of sound synthesis/analysis, Perry Cook
and Xavier Serra jointly teach a 2-week intensive
workshop every summer (usually at CCRMA), usually
making use of several systems (STK, ChucK, CLAM).
The goal is to gain an understanding of key and
state-of-the-art techniques in sound synthesis,
and not necessarily to learn programming via/usage
of a particular system.

The announcements for this summer aren't out yet,
but looks like it is scheduled to take place from
June 23 - July 4 this year at CCRMA.  Below is the
blurb (lifted from last year):

Perry - can you confirm (or deny) any of this yet?

Digital Signal Processing:  Spectral and Physical Models (DSP)

2 weeks
June 23rd - July 4th, 2008 (to be confirmed)
Perry Cook, Xavier Serra

(text from 2007, 2008's blurb may vary)
This course will cover analysis and synthesis of sounds based on spectral 
and physical models. Models and methods for synthesizing real-world 
sounds, as well as musical sounds, will be presented. The course will be 
organized into morning lectures, covering theoretical aspects of the 
models, and afternoon lab sessions. The morning lectures will present 
topics such as Fourier theory, spectrum analysis, the phase vocoder, 
digital waveguides, digital filter theory, pitch detection, linear 
predictive coding (LPC), high-level feature extraction, and various other 
aspects of signal processing of interest in sound applications. The 
afternoon labs will be hands-on sessions using SMS, the Synthesis ToolKit 
in C++, Matlab, and other software systems and utilities.  Familiarity 
with engineering, mathematics, physics, and programming will be useful, 
but the lectures and labs will be geared to a musical audience with basic 
experience in math and science. Most of the programs used in the workshop 
will be available to take home.

Given the short duration of the workshop and the broad spectrum of topics 
to cover, the lectures will be comprehensive in nature. However, a full 
complement of in-depth readings will be provided for those who wish to 
investigate the details of the material. Also, the last two days of the 
workshop will include a more detailed treatment of some advanced topics 
and the corresponding afternoon labs will give the students a chance to 
solve some specific problems of their interest.

Hope this helps,

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