[chuck-users] chuck and jack fedora linux

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 12:31:56 EST 2008

lör 2008-02-16 klockan 17:15 +0100 skrev Kassen:
>         Can anyone tel me how to troubleshoot this?
> Hi Francis!
> Let's start with the basics, not because I think you are dumb but
> because I'm lazy and like to try to avoid dealing with hard stuff if
> possible ;¬)
> There are three versions of ChucK for Linux for the three types of
> audio system. (OSS, ALSA, JACK). These are different executables.
> Could you verify which one you have? Typing "chuck --version" at your
> terminal should tell you this between brackets.
> If you do have the right one the next step would be verifying that
> system works at all, for example by trying to make some sound using a
> different JACK application.
> Also; I do think some of the pre-compiled version for various Linux
> distro's are lagging behind a bit and recent ChucK versions have made
> some quite relevant and fun updates. You may want to compile your own
> if you haven't done so already (this isn't clear from your mail), one
> of the added advantages of this is that you will be sure you have the
> right version (also not yet clear to me).
> Well, at least it's a first step in figuring this out....
> Yours,
> Kas.

Yes, also please let us know what chuck --probe says.

And check if jack say something funny when started from the terminal.


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