[chuck-users] vim highlights for Chuck

AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 07:21:21 EST 2008

> I see. ubuntu do only ship the vim-tiny package. sudo apt-get install
> vim. or look in synaptic.

Not possible. I have tried many suggestions from the ubuntu users list
for about three months now without any success. I cannot install
anything using aptitude. There are some corrupted files in the dpkg
folder which prevent any attempt to install anything. Moreover, any
fine or clever tinkering has led to a bizarre and familiar spiral I am
now nearly mortified of...it keeps coming back to the same thing. You
know...like....a curse....

((((suuuudoo....aptitude install aptitude.......)))))))))

Short of a re-install of Gutsy (abandon ship?!!) I seem to have no other

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