[chuck-users] January Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group Meetup

Noah Thorp noah at listenlabs.com
Sun Jan 6 14:20:50 EST 2008

January Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group Meetup

Our January 10th Bay Area Computer Music Technology meetup will run from
7:30-9:30pm and will be hosted by Pyramind (www.pyramind.com) @ 832 Folsom
St, San Francisco. You must RSVP for this event as we may need to verify
names at the door. RSVP here:

Our presentations this month:
- Andrew Benson from Cycling 74 will present on the new features in Max 5!
- Craig Latta will be presenting his Smalltalk based musical livecoding
project called "quoth" that uses executable natural language. Craig
presented an exciting preview of quoth at our December Stanford Meetup.
- Lightning talk by Ge Wang on the upcoming ChucK workshop and an update
on the forming Laptop Orchestras
- A lightning talk by you?

If you would like to do a lightning talk (5 minute presentation) come with
your laptop. Let me know in advance or just come prepared and let me know
when you see me that you would like to present.

Also, let me mention that there are two other upcoming events in January:
- January 13th (Sunday): Ge Wang will be teaching a workshop on ChucK
programming at Stanford (more info at
- January 24th (Thursday): Build Ruby Language Audio APIs Brainstorming
session will meet in SF (Venue TBD; Learn more here:
http://electronicmusic.meetup.com/152/calendar/6806947/ )

All the best,
Noah Thorp
Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group Organizer


Cycling 74

Cycling '74 creates software for the specialized needs of artists,
educators, and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical
computing. Our visual programming tools Max/MSP and Jitter serve as the
creative engine behind thousands of innovative projects. More information
about Cycling '74 and its entire product line available at

Craig Latta
Craig Latta is descended from a long line of itinerant researchers. Asking
only for a fast network connection and an occasional glimpse at the sky,
he explores the hinterlands of experimental music and computer science.

Craig earned simultaneous bachelor degrees in music and computer science
from UC Berkeley in 1991. Later that year, he discovered dynamic object
programming with the Smalltalk system and realized that improvisational
musical informatics was his thing. He enjoyed a variety of ambitious
projects at ParcPlace Systems, Atari Games, Interval Research, the IBM
Watson Research Center, and the Bootstrap Institute.

In 2004, he fell in with the highly suspicious "livecoding" crowd
(toplap.org), and two years after that joined the multimedia improv group
"dud" (dudland.com). This afternoon he worked for the Fuji Xerox Palo Alto
Laboratory. At twilight he went for a nice walk. Now, under cover of
night, he pursues the NetJam project (netjam.org), a music improvisation

Pyramind - Institute For Advanced Digital Audio Training (our host)
Designed for the professional and developing recording artist, Pyramind's
certificate programs are the result of over fifty years of collective
experience in: production, composition, sound design, engineering, mixing,
mastering, studio design and installation. The curriculums are firmly
based on the three foundations needed for success: technology, creativity
and business. Pyramind's unique training programs include both Apple and
Digidesign manufacture certificates. Website: http://www.pyramind.com/

Many thanks to Pyramind for hosting our January event!

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