[chuck-users] cast dur to time?

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Mon Jan 7 17:02:01 EST 2008

I personally like the way time and duration are done right now, that you cannot make an explicit time-type variables.
Those kind of things would only be limiting because they always had to refer to VM-time. If they instead refered to some kind of shred birth time then "chucking time to now" would lose meaning and unambiguity.
And we can already define a birth time and times relative to that with the current state of affairs.
//First line
now => time birth_time;
birth_time + 4::day => time four_days_from_birth;

birth_time + minute => now; //Wait until the shred is one minute old

four_days_from_birth => now; //Assuming it hasn't been four days yet. If it has then this chuck throws an exception.

That should be enough. 
Requesting time casting sounds to me of requesting different kinds of time like VM time, shred time, real time, tea time and what not... :)
There should only be one time. VM time. I think of it like a kind of a big bang time... everything else is relative. (Did someone say Einstein?)

-Pyry, (Frostburn)
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