[chuck-users] (windows) Mini-Audicle keeps running after exit..

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 10:26:47 EST 2008

Yes, I've seen the same thing.

It's fine on my XP-SP1 laptop but on my GF's desktop (XP-SP2) the same thing

Aside from the service pack I have no idea what could cause this difference.


On 20/01/2008, Renato Fabbri <renato.fabbri at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chuck List,
> Being my first post, thanks for all. I have been reading the list for
> a while already, and thanks that too.
> I am trying chuck on windows and it is being quite nice as all goes
> well and smooth. Mini-audicle is the only noty boy here. When i exit
> it, by alt+F4, clicking on the little X on top right, or by Alt+X, it
> visually quits, but it still keeps a process "mini-audicle" in task
> manager.
> I am using Windows XP and mini-audicle (alpha). I had no
> similar problems in Ubuntu. Have anyone seen something similar?
> cheers,
> renato
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